Combines to big

Will be looking to trade combines soon. Not a large operation New machines are not really designed for Six row head. Why can’t they manufacture a nice class five combine. Would be more affordable for smaller producer


Definitely a market for smaller size machines I agree, this is why we see some surprisingly strong auction sale prices on the nicest older/smaller used Combines.


agcodog, What age of combine do you currently have and what are your reasons for wanting to trade? Specifically, are you looking to gain mechanical reliability or technology? I too see a need and wondered what the market place was wanting.

2000 Gleaner R52. Looking for a little more reliability. Been a good machine but age is catching up to it.

1985 JD 6620
Duct tape and rubber bands keeping her together. Here in Virginia, there are no open fields to run. We need smaller combines to get around all the trees and rocks. More than a twenty five foot head, you will end up hitting something with it.

Have to move to much for the big combines here in NC. Small fields small farms. I know down east of me it opens up but here it’s not practical. We running heads to small for the combines but we do not have to take them of right steady.

We have several small fields also. like smaller machine and not having to take heads off just to move from field to field. With prices the way they are and the dealers are sitting on a lot of low hour machines a person could probably get a good deal in the next few years. Just really don’t need or want a large machine to maneuver and maintain.