Sale Prices from Iowa Farm Auction Tuesday

Question I was asked on our Facebook page yesterday..."Hey Pete, love your stuff, but is everything always sold at record price at auction?" - Rich G.

Nope, not always record prices. Rich's question made me smile. I do highlight the new record high sale prices as they happen on machinery auctions around the U.S. and Canada, but for 27 1/2 years now I've also been compiling and reporting on all types of auctions, all types of equipment, some shiny, lot of very rusty. And lot of average type machinery auctions.

Like the farm sale Tuesday (June 13, 2017) in Blairsburg, IA by my good friends at Ryerson Realty & Auction, Ltd ( . Here's a sale price report:




* Data by

Diving into the sale price data here...the 1996 Case IH 2166 combine with 3,050 engine hours sold for $27,000 is pretty interesting. Last year the Avg. Auction Price on 2166 Combines was actually $27,009, so no record, but right on the money. Here's a picture of it:


So far this year the Avg. Auction Price on Case IH 2166 Combines = $24,450. Last year the highest auction price on a 2166 was $69,500 (wow) and low of $9,600 (ouch). The 2166 sold for $9,600 was on an online auction July 8, 2016 and had fire damage...ah, that explains the price. The 2166 sold for $69,500 (no heads) on a March 12, 2016 farm auction in Oshkosh, WI with 2,124 engine hours. Here's a picture of it:


Very sharp.

If you happen to be looking for a good used Case IH 2166 Combine, here's link to (14) of them for sale today in our web site, click on the link to view: