IHC and Ford Tractors Sold for Record Prices at Auction Saturday

A couple of new record high auction sale prices on vintage tractors were set Saturday (November 11, 2017) on a pair of collector sales in Iowa.

Two new record prices on Ford tractors were set on the Rush Estate Collector Auction in Griswold, IA. This sale was by the good folks at Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc. (http://www.girardauction.com).  The restored Ford 8000 diesel pictured below sold for $12,500, new record price.


Another Ford record setter on this Griswold, IA collector sale Saturday was the restored 6000 Commander diesel pictured below, which sold for $12,000.


Actually, the 2nd highest auction sale price on a Ford 6000 was set on this Griswold, IA collector sale as well, with the restored blue Ford 6000 Commander diesel pictured below bringing $8,000.


Prior to Saturday's Griswold, IA auction, the highest auction sale price seen on a Ford 6000 tractor was $7,000 on a September 9, 2000 sale in Dorchester, WI.

An IHC tractor on the Griswold, IA auction Saturday nearly set a record price...the restored IHC 1468 with 7,476 hours pictured below sold for $38,000. That is the 3rd highest ever auction sale price on an IHC 1468 (record: $52,000 on 8/17/17 collector sale in Oxford, KS).


Meanwhile, over in Davenport, IA at the November "Gone Farmin" auction by Mecum (http://www.mecum.com) Saturday, a new record high auction sale price was set on the restored 1972 IHC 1466 pictured below which went for $32,000.


 Here's a look at the previous Top 5 high auction prices on IHC 1466's before Saturday:


* Data by http://www.machinerypete.com

Another record high auction price would have been set on this Davenport, IA collector sale Saturday, but the 1974 IHC 1568 pictured below was a "NO SALE" at $46,000. The seller needed more to let it go. $46,000 in fact would have been the new record price.