Snowmobile Built in 1921 in New York

What I love most about my annual visit to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY each February?


The people.

Yesterday (February 13, 2020) after my seminar talking about latest trends with used equipment values a number of folks came up to talk. One was Dan Albro from New York. He had a picture to show me. Quite a picture.

It was built in 1921 in Nunda, NY,” said Albro. “It had a 4 cylinder motor drive shaft back to fan power. The photo was found in my grandfather’s archives in his garage. His name was Hugh Gillette.”

Snowmobiles have been top of mind for me lately, partly due to the 10" of snow we received in Rochester, MN last weekend. Vintage snowmobiles in particular trip my trigger. One of my favorite pictures I’ve seen here lately also came from New York state, from Tony and Marsha Trombly of West Chazy, NY…a pic of their amazing collection of John Deere tractors, all lined up to the horizon (now 127 in total) with a 1972 John Deere 7020 4WD tractor at the end of line.

With a 1972 John Deere 500 snowmobile on top of the 7020.

Here’s link to blog on the Trombly’s tractor collection: New York Couple's Collection of 127 John Deere Tractors

This morning I caught Netflix video clip promo for Season 4 of its hit show “Stranger Things”, a show set in the 1980’s. A vintage Russian snowmobile caught my eye.

Of course I also have auction memories of vintage snowmobiles…one particular auction just up the road from me, in Zumbrota, MN back on November 26, 2016 by my friends at Houghton’s Auction Service sticks out. An amazing vintage snowmobile collector sale.

Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video on that sale:

Thanks again to Dan Albro for showing me that awesome pic of the unique sled built in New York back in 1921 and getting me thinking snowmobiles. And thanks to all the good folks I talked with the past few days at the Louisville farm show…more fun stories to come :slight_smile:

Dan Albro

Machinery Pete