Near Record Price on Versatile Tractor on Tuesday

Used 4WD Tractors values are higher up in Canada.

I've been saying, writing and blogging this truth for at least 10 years. More proof of this trend came in Tuesday (July 10, 2018) on a nice farm auction in central Saskatchewan by our good friends at Kramer Auctions, a partner of Ritchie Bros. Check out the beautiful 1985 Versatile 936 4WD with 6,417 hours sold on this farm auction Tuesday:

It sold for $64,000 CAD, which equates to $48,838 U.S., making it the 2nd highest auction sale price I've seen on a Versatile 936 4WD:

Highest Auction Prices on Versatile 936 4WD Tractors

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Note "where" the 3 highest auction sale prices are from...Canada. As I was saying, used 4WD Tractors values just plain and simple higher up there.

Also selling on the central Saskatchewan farm auction Tuesday was the very sharp 1980 Versatile 875 4WD with 5,858 hours pictured below. It went for $23,656 U.S., making it the 12th highest auction sale price I've seen on an 875:

You may have noticed a New Holland TR-99 combine hiding behind the Versatile 875 in the was a very nice one, a 2002 model with 2,982 engine hours and a 14' header. It sold for $38,155 U.S., making it the 2nd highest auction sale price on a TR-99 combine in exactly 5 years. Here's a picture of it:

Here's a sale price report from this central Saskatchewan farm auction Tuesday:

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