Used 4WD Tractor Values Higher in Canada

Used 4WD tractor values continue to be higher in Canada vs the U.S.

Definitely not a new trend there. I've been writing/blogging on this topic for 10+ years now, but it's still eye catching when the proof shows itself in the form of very strong auction sale prices rolling in from north of the border. Case in point, two farm auctions in Saskatchewan last week by our good friends at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers (

First from a farm auction July 17th in White Fox, SK, the 1997 CaseIH 9350 4WD pictured below, with 3,863 hours, sold for $56,751 (U.S. dollars).

![CaseIH 9350 4WD Tractor](upload://yOm304j6jsL1IlJMRI7klubCh98.jpeg)


$56,751 is the highest auction sale price on a CaseIH 9350 4WD tractor in 37 months. Had to go back to a June 14, 2016 auction in, not surprisingly, Saskatchewan again, to find a 9350 sold higher...$59,219 (U.S.) for a 1998 model 9350 with 3,041 hours.

The average auction price on the last (11) CaseIH 9350 4WD tractors sold = $40,154. The current average dealer advertised price on CaseIH 9350's = $46,567. Not much difference there between the average auction price and average dealer ad price, is there? Here's a link to view (5) CaseIH 9350's for sale today:

![CaseIH 9350's for sale today](upload://13xJZS7V27K1PmKDH4GIVM4ntsj.jpeg)

The next day, on a July 18th farm auction in Choiceland, SK, another Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers sale, the following pair of very sharp 4WD tractors sold:

2013 Versatile 400 with 759 hours: $145,578 (U.S)

![Versatile 400 sold on SK Auction](upload://krQ6Z5LaCJRQnIXuy7pyrLKA2lg.jpeg)

Pete's Note: Record high auction price here on Versatile 400. Prior high auction sale price was $142,500 on 11/22/11 consignment auction in west-central Illinois on a 2010 model Versatile 400 with only 250 hours. Current average dealer advertised price on Versatile 400's = $140,800. Link to view (3) Versatile 400's for sale today:


2008 New Holland T9040 with 1,987 hours: $141,747 (U.S)

![2008 New Holland T9020](upload://9NDj8FeGBzuulgYdzl9cFDmQN9o.jpeg)

Pete's Note: $141,747 is 3rd highest auction price on New Holland T9040 in 5 1/2 years. Average dealer advertised price on T9040's = $124,950. Here's link to view (5) T9040's for sale today:


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