Pair of CaseIH 9390 4WD Tractors Sold Recently - Highest in 10+ Years

Our Machinery Pete auction sale price data (Free to view - has been screaming out the fact for 2+ years now that good condition older 4WD Tractors been RISING in value.

More proof came last week on an August 11 farm auction in Melrose MN by good folks at Mid American Auction Co. Here’s the scoop:

1997 CaseIH 9390 showing 8175 hours, sold: $65,000

That is the 2nd Highest auction sale price on a CaseIH 9390 4WD tractor in exactly 10 1/2 years. The only one higher sold 4 months ago on a Saskatchewan auction by great team at Ritchie Bros. ( Here’s the info on that Big Red Beauty.

1998 CaseIH 9390 with 9750 hours, sold: $85,422 (U.S.) on 4/20/23 North Battleford, SK sale

If we change colors to John Deere Green…another recent example of record high auction pricing on nice condition older 4WD Tractors came on May 10, 2023 online auction:

1998 JD 9100 with 699 hours, sold: $157,000 - from Kansas

How High was that $157K sale price? $55K higher than previous record high auction sale price on JD 9100 of $102K from February 11, 2011 auction in Inwood, IA.

Here’s link to view (177) 4WD Tractors for sale today made between 1990 - 2010: Used Tractors 175+ HP for Sale - 177 Listings | Machinery Pete

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