Market for Good Used Sprayers on Fire

The wildfire that has been the market for good condition used self-propelled Sprayers is continuing to burn Red Hot…

More proof Friday, April 28, 2023, on the Les and Marleen White farm auction in Choiceland, Saskatchewan by Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers ( The 2008 JD 4730 sprayer pictured below drew intense buyer interest.

2008 JD 4730 with 2865 hours sold for $133,644 (U.S.)

Pete’s Note:$133,644 (US) is highest auction price ever on JD 4730 Sprayer with 2600+ hours, topping former high auction sale price ($125,000) from 10 years ago this month, April 2013, by over $8,600


Of course the underlying issue at work is the continuing lack of supply of good condition used Sprayers with bit of age on them, like the 2008 JD 4730 sold Saturday on the Choiceland, SK farm auction. All through 2022 on into 2023 many farmers have been actively shopping for good used Sprayers to have on hand as back up machines to their main Sprayers. Guarding against down time they can not afford. So we’ve had very motivated used Sprayer shoppers in the tightest used Sprayers market ever. Here’s link to list of only (23) 2007 - 2012 model Sprayers for sale today with < 2000 hours:

Machinery Pete

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It’s impressive to witness the ongoing market demand and enthusiasm for good condition used self-propelled sprayers. The recent auction held by Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers on April 28, 2023, further highlights this trend. The 2008 JD 4730 sprayer showcased in the event attracted significant attention from eager buyers. With 2865 hours on the clock, it ultimately sold for a commendable $133,644 (U.S.). This sale serves as a testament to the thriving market for reliable agricultural equipment and the willingness of buyers to invest in quality pre-owned machinery. The red-hot nature of this market shows no signs of slowing down.