Highest Auction Prices This Year on Self Propelled Sprayers

FYI: Here’s look at the Top 10 highest auction sale prices so far this year on self-propelled Sprayers.

Highest Auction Prices This Year on Sprayers

Here’s picture of No. 1 in our list of highest auction price Sprayers so far this year…a 2017 John Deere R4045 with 460 hours sold for $285,000 on a 4/9/19 farm auction in east-central North Dakota on a sale by The Steffes Group (www.steffesgroup.com):

Here’s a pic of No. 4 in our list…2016 Hagie STS12i with 300 hours sold for $213,000 on a 4/24/19 farm auction in northwest Ohio by Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co. (www.schraderauction.com):

Here’s link to view over 1,700 self-propelled Sprayers for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/listings/applicators/self-propelled-sprayers

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