MX210 & Self-Propelled Sprayer Trends

Hi Greg-

I’m curious what a 2004 CaseIH MX210 2WD with approximately 3,600hrs might be worth? I haven’t seen many for sale to compare to.

Also, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the current market for low-hour used self propelled sprayers. Is now a good time to buy based on sales trends and availability around Southern MN and Northern IA? More specifically looking at John Deere and/or CaseIH sprayers.

Thanks from one of your Rochester followers!

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Fellow Rochester-ite :slight_smile: 2WD MX210’s…don’t run across too many. Lot of MFWD’s. Last 2WD MX210 I saw sold at auction was couple years ago, had 4,345 hours, good condition, consignment auction in northern IL, sold $45,000. Last year saw (4) MX210 MFWD’s with between 2,500 - 4,500 hours sell for Avg. Auction Price of $55,500 (High $70,500; Low $31,000). In rough sense if we took off $8K - $10K off for the 2WD factor that gets us down into that mid $40K range-ish.

But I will say that real nice, 10+ year old, rarer 2WD model tractors have been trending bit higher of late…good example was the JD 7220 2WD with 605 hours sold for $55,000 this past Saturday on northeast Michigan farm auction…2nd highest auction price I’ve seen on a 2WD JD 7220. The “hard to find 'em” factor kicks in I think.

SPRAYERS: this sector really been heating up since November. Sales of new around the country definitely been picking up and auction sale prices definitely stronger, yep, even the large late model units. So I think now is a good time to hop in and be a buyer. Still plenty of good used inventory on dealer lots (here’s link to 1,343 self-propelled Sprayers for sale today: Used values trending upwards after years of lagging.

Hope this helps!