Long 1199 Backhoe subframe?

Total long shot here, but do you ever see long tractors or long 1199 backhoes come through with subframe attachments? I know they sold a subframe kit for the Long tractors when the 1199 backhoes were being offered, but I haven’t had much luck finding any out there. Seems like those backhoes come through fairly often so I was curious if you have seen any that way?

Here’s look at the Long 1099A’s I’ve seen sold at auction over the years, note the SPECS field for detailed descriptions: https://www.machinerypete.com/auction_results?manual_sort=&old_location_str=&make_name=Long&model_name=1199A&year[min]=&year[max]=&price[min]=&price[max]=&hours[min]=&hours[max]=&sale_date[min]=&sale_date[max]=&sale_type=&country=&sort_term=auction_listing_sold_date_recent_first&limit=24

Machinery Pete