Help Finding Long 2710 Tractor

Question: Andrew L: "Hello Machinery Pete, my is Andrew Livingston, I am Junior Industrial Engineering major at Gannon University in Erie, PA. The reason I am contracting you is I need some help locating a tractor. In the past few months I have been searching for a Long 2710. These were built in Romania and imported by Long Manufacturing located in Tarboro, NC. The reason I am looking for such a tractor is that my father and I are in the market for a 70-80 HP tractor and because of all the tractors on our farm, our Long 2610 has been the most reliable, do everything tractor. In my research for locating a 2710 all I have found is a few mentions of it online and a dealer brochure I found on ebay (of which I immediately bought) but nothing else, not a single picture on google! Any input or leads would be greatly appreciated. - Sincerely, Andrew L.

My reply: Sorry to report Andrew you may truly be looking for the needle in the haystack. The past 20 years I have not seen one Long 2710 sold at auction. If I haven’t seen one in 20 years…pretty rare. I have seen (10) Long 2610’s sold. Here’s a look at the last (5) 2610’s sold:

Auction Prices on Long 2610 Tractors

Here is look at “Tractor Specs” on Long 2710’s:

I did run across one old ag discussion board conversation where a fella said they had a Long 2710 years ago. Perhaps someone out there in #AgTwitter land knows the whereabouts of a Long 2710? If so, reply back here and/or drop me a note:

Machinery Pete