Beautiful Pair of Vintage 1967 Versatile 4WD Tractors Selling Tomorrow on Bigiron Auction

Try not to drool.

1967 Versatile G125
1967 Versatile D118

The pair of beautiful vintage Versatile 4WD Tractors pictured above, from Oklahoma, sell tomorrow, May 25, 2022, on Bigiron weekly online auction. Here’s link with info, tons more pics and online bidding: Farm, Construction, Livestock ,Transportation Equipment and Real Estate

Pretty rare birds here folks. I’ve only seen two D118’s sold at auction the past 21 years, one 11 years ago and the other 21 years ago. Only seen three G125’s sold at auction, all coming 7 years ago back in 2015.

If you’ve been following my Machinery Pete auction price data and commentary the past 3 years you know what’s been happening with values on good condition older, rare, early vintage 4WD Tractors…Values RISING. A few Machinery Pete Youtube video examples here to jog your memory:

Pete’s blog from last year on record auction prices on Bid Bud Tractors: Highest Auction Prices This Year on Tractors From 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's


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Machinery Pete

Those are some nice looking vintage 4WD tractors