Kinze Repowered Tractors - Impact On Value

I was wondering what you would say impact of value on a 20 series deere with a Kinze Repower would be? Would it positively effect the value? If so, what rough percentage would it increase?

Just a rough opinion would be nice as id like to buy one but you don’t see many for sale, so pricing can get tough.

Hey Alex, great question. Kinze repowers definitely attract additional buyer interest, that has been my experience from watching/compiling hard cash auction sale price data almost 30 years now.

Which 20 Series JD models were you possibly interested in? Let me know and I can try to narrow down the value question a bit, try to find some specific examples.

Machinery Pete


I found a 4520 sitting in the weeds, Id love to get it bought but I also don’t want to steal the thing either, id like a nice fair price for all involved.

It runs and sounds good, moves under its own power but the transmission may not be the best, haven’t tried changing filters or anything at this point. see attached picture.


Alex, I went into our Auction Price data and looked at JD 4520’s…I set aside the excellent condition originals, the rare FWA models and the super high end restoration job 4520’s. The past few years those high end auction prices on 4520’s run in the $21,000 - $64,050 range.

The Avg. Auction Price on the last (24) JD 4520’s sold in “Average/Fair” condition = $7,421 (High $12,000; Low $4,510).

My sense is the Kinze repower factor affecting value more kicks in when the tractor in good to excellent condition. On tractors in ok to less than ok condition - been sitting out for years, then I think main factor is that overall condition. So in this case I’d hang my hat value-wise on those last (24) average condition 4520’s sold = $7,421 (High $12K; Low $4,510).

Hope this info is helpful Alex. Good luck on getting the 4520 bought! Would be quite a cool tractor to own! Keep me posted.

Machinery Pete