John Deere 7810 2WD Tractor Smashes Record Price on Illinois Auction

I’d seen the record price hit twice.

On JD 7810 2WD Tractors. $87,500 was the record high price. First hit on a November 3, 2012 farm auction in Bode, IA on a 1999 model with 2200 hours. That $87,500 mark was tied more recently on an October 26, 2022 Bigiron online auction, a 1998 model with 4609 hours from McPherson, KS. Here’s a pic of that $87,500 beauty.

Notice I said $87,500 was the record high price 7810 2WD.

Not anymore. Nope. That price was smashed a week ago Saturday on a January 28, 2023 farm auction in Murrayville, IL by Darrell Moore Auctioneer. Here’s the amazing scoop:

2003 JD 7810 2WD with 1860 hours, sold: $113,000

So $113,000…that’s $25,500 over the former record price. Wow.

If you’ve been following along you know this scenario is no longer rare. Quite literally now nearly a daily occurrence. For breadcrumb trail proof just scroll back through the lengthy list of Machinery Pete blog posts on RISING used Tractor values/prices:

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