John Deere 9100 with 699 Hours Smashed Record Price Today

It was COLD and WINDY that day.

Nearly 12 1/2 years ago, February 11, 2011. I covered a farm auction in Inwood, IA with a super line of equipment. Posted Machinery Pete Youtube video of the 2005 JD 7820 with 560 hours selling for then record high auction sale price of $105,500 (record now up to $132,000). Sale was by my good auctioneer friends Joel Westra and Mark Zomer. Here’s pic from that cold, windy day.


Next to the 2005 JD 7820 was another tractor that sold for a record price…a 2000 JD 9100 4WD with 750 hours. Sold for $102,000. That $102K sale price stood as the record high auction sale price for nearly 12 1/2 years.

Until Today.

An amazing 1998 JD 9100 with only 699 actual “1 owner” hours from Timken, KS sold today, May 10, 2023, on weekly online sale. Here’s a picture of it. What a beauty. Pre-DEF, pre Tier IV BEAUTY.

SOLD: $157,000.

So new record high auction sale price by whopping $55K.

The market has been ultra heated for good condition slightly older used 4WD Tractors for a good 2 years now. More emphatic proof today that this sector of the used tractor market does not appear to be slowing down at all. Record by $55K. Whoa.

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