2011 John Deere 7530 Premium Tractor Sold Today on Indiana Farm Auction - $49K Over Record Price


This used farm equipment market right now here early February '22. Clearly farmers are stressing over AVAILABILITY. New and Used. It shows in the steady stream of auction sale prices flowing every day from around North America.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

Used equipment values ended '21 at an all time High.

They gone 2 notches higher since.

Take for example the Marvin Monjon/Patton Farms retirement auction today, Feb. 10, 2022, in Earl Park, IN by my good friends at Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company (www.schraderauction.com). This entire sale today was…BEYOND RED HOT. I will have a Machinery Pete Video feature on it coming out here soon. Stay tuned for that. But I had to offer one Tractor in particular on the auction today:

2011 JD 7530 Premium with 1938 hours, sold: $167,000

$167,000…That’s with NO Loader.

How high is $167,000?

New record high auction sale price on JD 7530 Tractor by $49,000…from an auction in Texas 10 years ago, 4/28/12, that 7530 had a loader with and only had 689 hours and sold for $118,000. Again, that was the highest auction price ever on a JD 7530 Tractor. Until today.


Again, the farm/construction market has become totally about AVAILABILITY. New equipment is pre sold and looks to be pinched tightly going forward. Good used farm equipment…

I’ve never seen used inventory levels this tight. Nothing close. Remotely. So folks are having to get aggressive…VERY AGGRESSIVE…Dealers too…to secure the iron they need to get the job done out in the field here in '22 and beyond. No Down Time Wanted/Needed. So when a super sharp 10+ year old Tractor with lower hours and great history of care comes available for sale at auction right now…

Time for our friend Katie to find and secure that bar for the door. Batton down the hatches Dear Katie…

Only (2) JD 7530 Premiums listed for sale today, here they are: Used John Deere 7530 Premium Tractors for Sale - 2 Listings | Machinery Pete

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Wow that is a nice looking John Deere

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