Hot Prices on Older Used Skid Steers

Skid Steers too.

Just as I've been seeing very strong (rising) premium sale prices paid at auction for very nice condition 15-20 year old used Tractors, seeing the exact same trend on 15-20 year old used Skid Steers as well. 2 examples from the past week or so highlight this trend.

First was the 2000 model Bobcat 773 skid steer with only 179 hours (pictured below) sold for $18,200 on a May 30 farm auction in Mainville, OH by our friends at Hess Auction Co. (


$18,200 is the 4th highest auction sale price I've seen on a Bobcat 773 skid steer and not that far off the highest sale price of $19,500 set on a 9/11/09 farm auction in Wahpeton, ND for an 873 with only 212 hours on it.

3 days after the 2000 Bobcat 773 sold for $18,200 came a super sharp 1998 model Case 1840 skid steer with 665 hours on a farm auction in Bourbon, IN. This sale was by the great team at Ball Auction & Realty ( Here's a picture of it:

New Record Auction Price: $19,000

Top 10 Auction Prices on Case 1840 Skid Steers

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Used skid steer values have been strong for some time now. Here's a big picture look at used skid steer value trend over time via our quarterly Machinery Pete "Used Values Index" report (Index Rating 1-10 based on auction sale price data compiled by Machinery Pete):

If you are looking for a used Skid Steer, click this link to view list of 3,983 Skid Steers for sale today: