2011 JD 9530 4WD Tractor Sold Last Week 2nd Highest Price in 5 Years


What the 2011 John Deere 9530 4WD tractor with 1,591 hours pictured below sold for on a farm auction last Thursday (April 25, 2019) in south-central North Dakota (Wishek, ND) on a sale by my friends at The Steffes Group (http://www.steffesgroup.com). 

$181K is the 2nd highest auction price in the U.S. in nearly 5 years on a John Deere 9530. Here's a picture of it.



Highest Auction Prices on JD 9530 4WD Tractors Past 5 Years


* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com


Note that the highest auction sale price came from Canada. Not a surprise there as used 4WD Tractor values have run a notch or two higher north of the border for 10 plus years now.

For perspective, the Avg. Auction Price on the last (11) 9530's sold = $122,891, which is up a bit from the Avg. Auction Price in 2017 of $112,431. 3 years ago (2016) the Avg. Auction Price on John Deere 9530's was $128,468. 4 years ago (2015)...$135,173.

Current Dealer Advertised Price on John Deere 9530's = $142,671.

"Tractor Specs" on John Deere 9530's: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/john-deere/9530/7537

$181K for the 8-year old 9530 with low hours on the North Dakota farm auction last week a perfect example of what I've been seeing so far in 2019 on used 4WD tractors...if in good condition with a bit of age on them, buyer demand pushing values up slightly. Conversely, if in just ok condition, then seeing softer pricing. Here was my take on this 4WD Tractor category from our recently released Machinery Pete "Used Values Index" 1st Qtr. 2019 report:


For clarity here, a "6.0" Index rating is what I tab "Normal/Stable" used values on my 1-10 rating scale. This rating based on the auction sale price I've been compiling now almost 30 years across North America.

If you are looking a used John Deere 9530 4WD tractor, here is a link to view (43) for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/175-hp/john-deere/9530



One other highlight from this April 25, 2019 farm auction in south-central North Dakota was the 2011 Brandt 7500 HP grain vac with only 52 hours on it. It sold for $27,000. That is the 3rd highest ever auction sale price on a Grain Vac. Here's a picture of it.



Highest Auction Prices Ever on Grain Vacs