Branson Tractors

Hi Pete :raising_hand_woman:
We are looking at at Branson 2510h for our 5 acre property In So. Utah. I don’t know anything about the durability and Company support. I did look at a Facebook page and short discussion that mentioned leaks. Can you add to this?

Hey Joni, thanks for reaching out. Southern Utah…I hear it is beautiful!

Branson…I’ve heard some good ++ things about their compact tractors. I think really key thing is the dealer and the support they can or can’t provide to you. Is there 1 local Branson dealer in the area, or couple? How far are you from the dealer(s)? Get 'em talking about support and parts availability. You will get a feel from the conversations.

Here is a look at (4) Branson 3510H tractors I’ve seen sold at auction past couple years. Note that each of these sold on Consignment auctions, which tend to be % cheaper than farmer retirement/estate auctions:


Hope this info is somewhat helpful Joni!

Machinery Pete

Thank you Pete! There are a couple of dealers, yes. We are going with the new 2515H
I think.

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