Georgia Shopper Looking for Lowest Prices on John Deere S660 Combines

Question from Mark H. in southern Georgia:
“Pete - I’m shopping for a S660 combine. Interested in LOWEST auction prices you have seen. We’re in SW Ga , heard you recapping recent auction of the Case equipment. Equipment, for the most part doesn’t seem to bring top dollar in this area. We seem to be 25% or more under Midwestern values (especially on grain equipment). Thanks, enjoy following you. You’ve got a dream job!”

My reply: Thanks for following Mark! Glad you enjoy our info and posts! Here is a look at the 5 Lowest Auction Sale Prices I’ve seen on John Deere S660 Combines going back to the start of 2017:

Lowest Auction Prices on JD S660 Combines

I also checked our web site this afternoon and found we have (412) John Deere S660 Combines listed for sale by dealers around the country. Here’s link that will show them sorted by “Lowest Price First”:

Hope this info is helpful Mark. Hope we can make it down to a southern Georgia auction soon to film for our Machinery Pete TV show (watch TV show online here: [])(