John Deere S670 Combines - Avg. Auction Price UP 9.7% This Year

2021 has been quite the year. In the used farm equipment market, the year of RISING values.

Here’s another interesting example to chew on. The Avg. Auction Price on John Deere S670 Combines (made 2012 - 2017) is actually UP 9.7% so far this year.


Highest auction price so far this year on JD S670 Combines was this 2015 model with 1327 engine hours sold for $222,000 on a 7/13/21 online dealer auction in Ohio

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Some more interesting data on JD S670 Combines for you…the current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on JD S670’s = $163,967. So really not that big of a current gap between what an S670 combine selling for at auction and as asking price sitting on the lot. You may recall my “Machinery Pete Ratio” (MPR) stat I often quote. This is the Avg. Auction Price / Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on any piece of equipment. Do the math here and…

Machinery Pete Ratio (MPR) on JD S670 Combines currently: 76%

That is historically fairly strong. I have been tracking this ratio of Avg. Auction Price to Avg. Dealer Advertised Price now for right at nearly 20 years and historically speaking, 71-76% has been the sweet spot for my Machinery Pete Ratio (MPR). So 76% here currently on JD S670 Combines is at the top end of the historical range, another sign of the current strong (very) used farm equipment market.

Link to (291) JD S670’s for sale today: John Deere S670 Combines for Sale | Machinery Pete

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