The Nicest John Deere 6620 Combine Ever

Sometimes I can't believe how long now I've been compiling auction sale price data. 27 1/2 years. Occasionally I run across a piece of farm equipment that I saw sold at auction years ago.

Like the nicest ever John Deere 6620 combine.

Yesterday I got a Facebook message from follower Ben Mickelson from Isle, MN, just on the southeast corner of Lake Mille Lacs. If you've never been to northern Minnesota Lake Country, trust me, this is a VERY nice place to be from. Ben sent me the following note:

"Hi Greg, I'm curious if you keep track of serial numbers from machines you've reported?" said Mickelson. "I recently bought a 1983 John Deere 6620 combine from a farmer in Madison, MN who claimed you had done a blog or video about it. I've looked, but haven't been able to find anything. If I remember right he said he bought it on an estate sale in Glencoe, MN in 2005. I bought it this Spring and paid $19,000 for it with 1,900 hours. Just curious if you could shed some light on it. The serial number is HO6620X52831. I've looked for a long time to find a low hour 6620 that has been taken care of and I think I got it. It has had yearly dealer inspections and always shedded. Thanks again for your help."

Here's a pic.


Well Ben, I do in fact recall this 6620. It's the highest auction price 6620 combine I've seen. It went for $35,000 on a February 18, 2005 farm auction in Glencoe, MN, just as the seller from Madison, MN mentioned. Back then it had 1,081 hours on it and was a "1 owner" machine. It sold high for a reason. What a beauty! Here's another pic.


Here is a look at the highest auction sale prices I've seen on John Deere 6620 combines over the years (non Titan II models):

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 6620 Combines




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Congrats Ben, I agree with did find a low hour 6620 that has been taken care of. You found the nicest one I've seen. Enjoy. For the rest of you still out there looking for nice 6620 combines, click here to view the (23) listed for sale today in our web site: