Elvis Presley's GMC Pickup For Sale at Auction

Here's your chance to own the King's pickup truck.

A GMC pickup, 1 of 3 purchased new in 1967 for Presley's Circle G Ranch in his home state of Mississippi, is up for sale on an August 31, 2019 auction by Kruse GWS Auction (http://www.gwsauctions.com) that is attracting a lot of attention. Here's a picture of the pickup, which has been restored.


Elvis's father Vernon Presley sold this and the other 2 GMC pickups back to the dealership in 1969, 2 years after they were bought new.

Also for sale on this August 31st auction are 2 other items belonging to Elvis. If you're into motorcycles, you're in luck...The King's 1976 Harley Davidson FLH-1200 Electra Glide is up for sale. This is the last motorcycle purchased by Elvis before his untimely death in 1977 at the age of 42. Here's a picture of the motorcycle.


Also on the auction is a 1973 Lincoln Continental white stretch limousine owned by Elivs, complete with old style TV in the back.

![Elvis Stretch Limo](upload://pPiq6gPIOD2oU4JQa6Wn2g7sDrA.jpeg)

How much is history worth? We'll find out August 31st auction, at least on history tied directly to The King, Elvis Presley. Here's link to the auction web site, as of July 23rd the online bidding catalog not yet loaded. There will be online bidding on the auction: http://www.gwsauctions.com


Machinery Pete