Auction for Well Known Massey Ferguson Custom Harvester

The Massey Ferguson combine pictures speak to another time.

My friend Eric Gabrielson with The Steffes Group emailed me some pictures today that made me smile. Eric was helping do prep work for the June 1, 2018 estate auction coming up in Watertown, SD for Clayton Zemlicka. Probably a few of you know or knew of Clayton.

He was a big custom harvester back in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. Check out these pics from Clayton's custom crew back in the day...loading up from South Dakota and heading out to Texas:



Eric is a history lover and accurately pointed out how rare it was back in the day for folks to take many pics of what they were doing. Just busy getting the job done. Not like the "selfie" world we're living in today. So glad Eric ran across these cool pics from back in Clayton's custom cutting heyday.

There will be (5) Massey Ferguson 750 combines on this June 1st estate auction for Clayton Zemlicka, but the sale listing states "For Parts or repair" in the description of these five Massey Ferguson 750's.

The real star of this estate auction will be Clayton's extensive collection of antique tractors, including a TON of Case tractors. Here's the list:

Lots more great stuff on this June 1 auction, also a fantastic walk through video with background info/history on Clayton Zemlicka can be found on The Steffes Group web site, click here to view: