Cab Time....Secrets to surviving those long days in the cab

Tell us your secrets to surviving those long days in the cab

Love this Combine fridge pic from Twitter follower Mark D.


A lunch bag full of food, a thermos full of coffee, and some good podcasts/ satellite radio to listen to. And a comfortable seat!

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Some gems from our facebook friends

  • Think about how much better it is than staring at the white wall of a cubical and dealing with unpleasant people!
  • Quality time to think of the blessing of being able to farm with the smells, the feel, and the satisfaction of accomplishment. Unless you have farmed, it’s hard to understand that feeling. Also wondering how tough it must have been for our grandfathers to eat the dust and feel the cold working with old tractors or horses. Oh my. Another way I pass the time is to plan the next season in my head and think of places to go to eat once the long busy season is over.