CaseIH 2388 Combine

I have a 2005 CaseIH 2388 combine. It is in excellent condition has 2147 Engine hours, 1604 Separator hours, goes thru dealer inspection every fall, is always kept inside. In 2017 harvest it didn’t get wet a single time. Was trying to trade machine in on a 8240, and all the dealers I have contacted say they cant sell 2388s no demand for them. I would really appreciate your input on this. thank you

Wow, sounds like a nice machine! And an indicator that as farmers we have made too much money over the past few years if we aren’t interested in a 12 year old combine with low hours! I suspect you will get some decent bids if you put it on some websites like Tractor House, etc. And then go back to the dealer who has been the most willing to try and help you find a buyer. Or look for your own from another farmer and cut out the dealer entirely!

Hey Scott, kudos for the great care you’ve given your 2005 CaseIH 2388 over the years! Definitely would be buyer interest. Here’s look at last 2 later model 2388’s I’ve seen sold auction, both just couple weeks ago:

Both these nice 2388’s sold on “Farm” auctions. If you are looking to sell yours, my advice would be…“personalize it”. There are of course a LOT of used Combines for sale all over the country, on dealer lots, at auction, private. Gotta find a way to make the one you’re selling stick out…personalize it. How? Well, you’ve done the years of hard work already, you’ve given it excellent care. What I would do is this…have family member or friend with cell phone shoot video of you standing by your 2005 model 2388 and you talk to me into the phone: “Hey Pete, Scott here from ____. I’m looking to sell my 2005 CaseIH 2388, its got 1604 sep. hours, I’ve taken it through my local dealer inspection program (name the dealer) every fall, always kept it inside. It didn’t get wet once during 2017 fall harvest. Only reason I’m looking to sell it is because I’m looking to get into an 8240.” Then text me that cell phone video (my cell: 507-358-2671) and I can post it out on our Machinery Pete social media outlets…like tossing a fishing lure out there, hopefully get some interested buyers. But the video of course can also be used in any private Classified Ads you’d run (say in the ad: VIDEO TESTIMONIAL AVAIL.). It’s also free to set up your own Youtube channel, you could then post the video there. If by chance you have any pics or video clips of your combine in action out in the field over the years…PERFECT!! Get those pics/video clips into your video. The whole idea is to help cut through the mass of used Combines for sale and let folks know there is only ONE 2005 CaseIH 2388 that was Scott’s…so just like at a farm retirement auction, everyone knows the guy, good history of care, those sales = higher prices, just like the 2006 CaseIH 2388 with 1957 sep. hours sold for $91,500 on the 11/18/17 farm auction in Norris City, IL. Hope this was helpful Scott :slight_smile:

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