#Harvest17 How do you prepare for the harvest season?

Share all your tips and tricks

From our a Facebook friend;

  1. Chase the family of racoons out of the combine
  2. duct tape all the leaky spots , OK
  3. complain about low prices
  4. SEND IT !!!

Lube 500 grease fittings on the combine. Laying on you back underneath and two inches from your face is a snake sitting there watching you! It always amazes me how fast I can crawl out from under that combine.


More tips from our facebook friends;

‘BUY a STIHL blower and USE it on the combine EVERYDAY to keep it clean and (hopefully) prevent a fire.’

Shut off drain irrigation and haul pipe.
Spend the next month greasing and servicing.
Hope to find some labor to drive my trucks.
Everything will dry down at once and it will be a mad dash.

Typical year.