Bad Weather = Hot Bidding. Proved Again Today on Nebraska Farm Sale

Machinery Pete don’t have too many Rules. The Rules I do have from 33+ years tracking the used equipment market?

Rule No. 1: Very high likelihood your Favorite Tractor when you were 12 years old will always remain your Favorite Tractor. I call this the “Machinery Pete Rule of 12”

Rule No. 2: When equipment items are being sold “Choice”…Always buy the 1st one if you want the best deal. Our sale price data has shown this decades. Makes sense. After the 1st one gone, now only one (or two) left…price goes up

Rule No. 3: Bad weather = Hot Bidding

Found out today, January 19, 2023, that this last rule even holds for online auctions! 12" of snow in Nebraska yesterday and that snow dragged over into the Dakotas, Iowa and up to southern Minnesota where I live (Rochester) today, but the 12" of snow in Nebraska and the Midwest certainly did not adversely affect bidding and sale prices today on the Dan Jessen online farm retirement auction in Bloomfield, Neb. by my friends at

Snowy outside…stay cozy and warm inside and keep clicking that Bid button. $$$

Check out a few of the sale price highlights from the Dan Jessen online farm retirement auction today in Bloomfield, Neb.

2005 JD 9320 4WD with 3679 hours, sold: $145,500

Pete’s Note:$145,500 is highest auction sale price on 9320 in 9 years in the U.S. Have to go all way back to 4/4/14 to find one sold higher at auction in U.S.

2007 JD 8130 with 2121 hours, sold: $160,750

Pete’s Note:$160,750 is 7th highest auction price ever on JD 8130

2001 JD 8310 with 6073 hours, sold: $108,500

Pete’s Note:$108,500 is 5th highest auction price ever on JD 8130

2008 JD 6430 Premium with 2542 hours, loader, sold: $101,500

Pete’s Note:$101,500 is 3rd highest auction price ever on 6430 with loader…and the highest price ever on 6430 with loader and 1500+ hours

2011 JD 9770 STS with 1617 engine hours, sold: $179,250

Pete’s Note:$179,250 is highest auction price on 9770 STS combine with 1400+ engine hours. Topped former high price of $174,000 from 12+ years ago on 12/7/10 dealer auction in Holdredge, Neb.

Brent 1082 grain cart, sold: $42,500

Pete’s Note:$42,500 is tied 7th highest auction price ever on 1082. 10 of the 14 highest auction prices ever on Brent 1082 grain carts have come the past 10 months - since March '22

Click here for full sale price report from the Jessen online farm auction today in Bloomfield, NE:

Machinery Pete

Good rules thanks for the tip , I’m a rookie