Great Used Equipment Deals Offered

When commodity prices fell hard back in Spring 2013 I knew a major adjustment was the used farm equipment market. At the time farm equipment dealers all over were caught with excessive levels of large, late model used equipment items. 

Dealers as a group reacted quickly and quite painfully by beginning to work down the excess level of large late model used equipment off their lots. Hence I saw high volumes of dealer equipment sold on the wholesale auction market late in 2013, all through 2014, 2015 and into early 2016.

Then the faucet tightened. The 2nd half of 2016 up to today I've seen less dealer equipment taken to auction. And not coincidentally, used farm equipment values began to level off, or find footing in 2016. Some call it a "soft bottom". Here's a visual look at what I'm talking about, from our Machinery Pete "Used Values Index" 3rd Qtr. 2017 report:

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But there are still some great deals being offered by farm equipment dealers around the country, a number of which jump out at you in our current Machinery Pete "Cyber Sale" event running Nov. 27 - Dec. 4. Currently over 200 pieces of equipment in our Cyber Sale, here's a link:

I know a great deal when I see it. Here are a few from our Cyber Sale:

2014 John Deere 8345R with 3,563 hours: $186,000 (Fergus Falls, MN)

This tractor for sale at RDO Equipment in Fergus Falls, MN. That $186,000 special Cyber Sale price looks very good compared to the last (5) 2014 model 8345R's I've seen sold at auction...Avg. Auction Price $196,500 (High $222,500; Low $183,000). Here's a link to this tractor for sale at $186,000:

2013 Kinze 1100 Grain Cart: $55,000 (Davis Junction, IL)

This 2013 Kinze 1100 grain cart, competitively priced, is for sale at Ag-Products, Inc. Here's a link to the Cyber Sale listing:

(2) 2011 John Deere 9870 STS with 2,936/3,146 engine hours: $83,000 each (Glasgow, MT)


These two 2011 model 9870's are for sale at Farm Equipment Sales in Glasgow, MT, here's a link: Compare to the $83,300 auction sale price I saw for a 2011 model 9870 with 4,070 engine hours on an online auction 3/1/17 in north-central South Dakota.

This same dealer, FES (Farm Equipment Sales) in Glasgow, MT is also offering the 2015 John Deere 6175R tractor with 100 hours and a loader for sale at a special Cyber Sale price of $145,500:

Here's a link to this 2015 John Deere 6175R for sale in MT: Compare the $145,500 asking price here to the 2015 model 6175R with 243 hours and NO loader I saw sell for $123,000 on a 2/22/17 consignment auction in southeast South Dakota. Take 143 hours off that tractor and tack on a loader and you're right in that $145,500 price range.

Amundson Peterson, Inc. of western Minnesota is another dealer offering some amazing deals in our Machinery Pete Cyber Sale. Deals like the 2015 John Deere S670 2WD combine pictured below with 975 engine hours, special reduced asking price: $192,500. Here's a link to the listing:

Compare the $192,500 asking price here to the 2015 model S670 with 858 engine hours sold for $187,500 on an online auction in south-central Nebraska on 8/30/17, or the 2015 model S670 with 1,358 engine hours sold for $189,900 on an online auction in southeast Nebraska on 12/21/16.

Another great deal offered from Amundson Peterson, Inc. in western Minnesota is the 2014 John Deere R4030 sprayer with 304 hours, special reduced asking price of $195,000, pic below. Here's the listing:

These are a just a few of the great deals I found in our Machinery Pete Cyber Sale event, which again runs from Nov. 27 - Dec. 4. Here's link to view all the Cyber Sale listings:


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