ATVS/UTVS Have Come a LONG Way


Say Hello to the Sherp The Ark 3400 22-person off road vehicle transport. Detailed info on this bad boy here: SHERP the Ark 3400 | Sherp

I stumbled across a picture of The Ark this past weekend while cruising the internet. Pretty impressive rig. Obviously some pretty specialized potential uses for it vs trying to position it to sell to the mass UTV market. Imagine the “looks” you’d get if you bought The Ark 3400 for your 10 or 20 acre home place and folks saw you tooling around the place in it…“What the…??”

A good visual reminder and proof I think of how very far the ATV/UTV market has come over the years. Back in October a wonderful example of where we used to be in the ATV market hit the auction block…and sold through the roof! This 1986 Honda Big Red 3-wheeler fetched a whopping $7,600 on an online auction in Hatton, ND on October 7, 2020, sale by our friends at The Steffes Group (

Drifting into the vintage nostalgia buy there on a super sharp looking mid '80’s ride. We all remember how fun they were to play with. And how dangerous they were as well. Hopefully just bumps and bruises on your end. I know I had my share.

But again, just look how far the ATV/UTV space has grown, in many directions, over the past 3 1/2 decades. Side by Sides. Sporty UTV’s. New players coming into the space such as the likes even of Caterpillar…the pic below I snapped at the 2018 Farm Progress Show as they rolled out their new entry to the market.

Of course 2020 with the pandemic proved to be beyond a banner year for sellers of ATVS/UTVS as folks, many acreage owners, stuck at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, and with additional $$ in their checkbooks thanks to reduced spending on any number of regular activities like dining out, no traveling basketball, baseball or hockey tournaments for the kids, looked to spend good $$ on their own properties…yep, I do need that UTV I’d been thinking about to tackle those jobs around the place.

Ca Ching $$$.

Check out what happened with Supply and Demand on ATVS/UTVS listed for sale throughout last year at our web site…wow…Supply started to fall off the cliff Spring '20 as the pandemic deepened its grip on us.

Looking ahead? I suspect we will continue to see change and innovation. Buckle up…Always.

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