Are you apart of any associations or groups?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Hello, I’m Jen!

I am pretty new to the agricultural world, and I am looking for some insight for decent groups or associations to belong to. I eventually would love to be a larger part and dedicate time and energy to networking and learning. I have done the google searches, social media searches, and found many organizations. I figured I would ask here to get real answers vs. what the internet says. I am open to all recommendations!



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Great question Jen! I’m sure some of our community members have some helpful ideas for you…

There’s a pile of groups out there, pretty much every commodity farmers produce has a promotion council, board or organization to represent its product. There’s also the general ones, Farm bureau, farmers union to name a few. Also there’s some groups aimed at the younger generation within some milk plants or other businesses.

Personally I’m a part of the local FFA alumni chapter and my Milk plants Young cooperator program, I served a term on the county’s dairy promotion association years back but didn’t fit in with the older members on the board and hit the door running when my term was up.

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