Are Older Antique Tractor Values Falling?

I get asked the question almost everywhere I go…“Pete, what’s happening with values on antique tractors?

Always lots of gray hair on the folks who ask me this question. I’m almost all gray at 53 years old myself, but this question comes at me from guys in their 70’s or 80’s almost always. When they ask me about “Antique Tractors”…99% of the time they mean tractor models from the 1930’s - 1950’s.

Before I go in depth with my reply here, let me share some truth from a collector auction last Saturday (August 31, 2019) in northeast Indiana by my good friends at Polk Auction ( from their 36th Annual Labor Day Weekend Collector Auction…if you’ve never been, take it from me, make a point to get it on your calendar for 2020. So much fun.

On the auction last Saturday was this very rare (only 79 made) 1937 John Deere model 62 tractor. Complete nut and bolt restoration by an expert. A real thing of beauty.

It sold for $30,000.

Now here’s a look at the (3) John Deere 62’s I’ve seen sold at auction the past decade…note the “Date” column on each one:

So 9 years ago, a John Deere 62 with a cracked block sold for $56,000 on a collector auction (also by Polk Auction) out in northeast Montana. And 8 years ago nut and bolt restoration 62 sold for $36,000 on a Mecum Auction ( in southeast Wisconsin.

And last Saturday $30K.

Just an example on one rare model here from the 1930’s, but somewhat indicative of the changing buying heat in the collector tractor market I think. As I’ve noted in countless columns, blogs and Machinery Pete Youtube videos over the past decade, more of the collector buying heat has shifted towards tractor models from the late 1960’s, through the 1970’s, now even into the early 1980’s even.

Dramatic case in point…the August 3, 2019 farm estate auction I covered by Sullivan Auctioneers ( in Bingham Lake, MN where a 1979 John Deere 4640 tractor with, amazingly, only 826 actual “1 owner” hours sold for a record price of $61,000. Prior record high auction price I’d seen on a JD 4640 was $36,000. Oh, and the buyer of the '79 JD 4640 with 826 hours for $61,000? Yep, my friend Jon Kinzenbaw for his way cool museum in Williamsburg, IA. Here’s video of the 4640 selling for $61,000 on the 8/3/19 Bingham Lake, MN farm auction:

Also selling on the collector auction in northeast Indiana by Polk Auction last Saturday was this 1974 IHC 1568 for $26,500.

Back on a March 17, 2006 auction in Annawan, IL an IHC 1568 sold for $10,200. That was 13 years ago…approx 2-3 years before the collecting heat kicked in on these late 1960’s - 1970’s tractors. There is no way a nice IHC 1568 would sell anywhere close to $10,200 today. No chance. So many folks I’ve talked with over the last decade around the country recall watching bunch of these IHC 1468 and 1568 V8 models sell for peanuts at auction back in the day.

Not now.

Here’s a look at the last (3) IHC 1568’s I’ve seen sold this year:


My reply to the question on what’s happening with values on antique tractors from the 1930’s - 1950’s has been…pretty much flat. Here’s a look at values on a few common and popular tractor models from the 1930’s - 1950’s over the past 15 years:

My take away digesting this chart…no huge movement in values on these older antique tractor models over the past 5 years and then looking back to 10 - 15 years ago, although it does jump out at me that 2009 was a GOOD YEAR, almost like there was good $$ flowing through ag at that time 10 years ago :slight_smile:

"Tractor Specs" on all antique and modern models:

Link to (224) < 40 HP Antique Tractors made from 1930 - 1959 for sale today:

As always, I will keep a close eye on antique tractor values on a day by day basis. Always fun to see what they sell for…

Machinery Pete