Any Blue Combines?

Ask Pete - Adam L. via Twitter:My 6 year old is obsessed with blue equipment and asked me this morning if there are any blue combines. Any thoughts on why New Holland painted theirs yellow? Got any pictures of a blue combine? Thanks! #FarmKids

My reply: Your son is in luck Adam…Ford 642’s! Don’t see too many around. Always fun when we do stumble into one. Here’s link to a nice Ford 642 for sale today in Michigan:

The past 20 years I’ve only seen (7) Ford 642 combines sold at auction. Here’s what they went for…

Auction Prices on Ford 642 Combines

Here’s a picture of the highest seller of the bunch, the 1976 model Ford 642 with flex head sold for $1,800 on a March 28, 2018 online auction by, this combine was from Parsons, KS.


While we’re on the topic of Ford combines, I should throw in info, even though it was red not blue, on the 1959 model Ford 611 combine sold for $9,300 on a October 12, 2014 online Ebay auction out of Grant, MI. This rare combine had sat out only 2 nights it’s entire life and sold with a 10’ bean head. Here’s a picture of it.

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