4 County Tractors Sold Today on Pennsylvania Auction

Always fun to run across a County tractor selling at auction.

4x the fun today (October 25, 2019) then on the 2nd Annual Inventory Reduction Auction for Long Lane Tractor in Elizabethtown, PA as they had (4) County tractors on the sale by Leaman Auctions, LTD (www.leamanauctions.com). These 4 County trators were a little rough around the edges for sure, but still big fun to see them and hear what they sold for. Here’s the scoop.

Ford County 1164, runs, recent clutch work, sold: $7,500

Ford County 1164, sold: $6,000

County 764, cab, runs, noise in engine, sold: $5,100

County 764 Super Four, fire damaged, sold: $2,450

"Tractor Specs" on County Tractors: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/county

Pretty interesting history on County tractors. The company from Hampshire England was founded back in 1929 and was known as County Commercial Cars Ltd. Their niche was converting Ford trucks from 2 to 3 axles. They moved into the Tractor biz in later years.

Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video of a nice Ford County 1164 selling for $7,900 on 6/15/18 farm auction in Columbiana, OH: https://www.machinerypete.com/media_posts/ford-county-1164-4wd-tractor-sold-on-ohio-farm-auction-last-week

Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video of a County Super 6 tractor selling for $5,400 on a 3/30/13 farm auction in Montoursville, PA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rOQ3_nnQgE

Here’s I think my all time favorite County tractor picture I’ve run across…Bill Flies from up the road just a bit from me in Plainview, MN, driving his County 754 in a local parade…sharp!

Here’s an interesting online story I ran across on County’s history: https://tractors.fandom.com/wiki/County_Commercial_Cars

Machinery Pete

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