If We Knew Then What We Know Now

If someone finally makes that Time Machine we're all waiting for, I know what I'm doing...

I'm taking my checkbook (still used them back then) and buying up every single tractor model that nobody even gave a 2nd thought to back then, but now are "Hot" sellers.

Even can be in just fair to ok condition today and they're still hot sellers. Proof came again yesterday (Feb. 17, 2018) on a farm auction in southeast Pennsylvania by our friends at Leaman Auctions (http://www.leamanauctions.com). Check out what these tractors sold for on this auction yesterday:

1983 IHC 6788 with 7,000 Hours: $18,500


 Back in 2006 I saw a pair of nice IHC 6788's sold at auction. One had 5,218 hours on it and went for $8,800 on a 3/17/06 consignment auction in northwest Illinois. The other had 6,600 hours and sold for $10,900 on a 2/7/06 farm auction in northeast Nebraska.

If we only knew back then.

IHC 1468: $16,500

IHC 1468's used to be almost given away at auction. On a southeast Minnesota farm auction 2/25/01 a nice IHC 1468 sold for $5,000. A 1974 model 1468 with just 4,976 hours went for $5,600 on a 12/10/01 farm auction east-central Illinois. On a 7/23/02 farm auction way up in northeast North Dakota an IHC 1468 sold for $3,600.

Seriously, where is that Time Machine? If I bought a DeLorean...could I make one?

Also on the southeast Pennsylvania auction yesterday was this Allis Chalmers D21 Series II with 3,400 original hours. Not a looker, but it still sold for $16,000.


Here's a rundown on some more of the Tractors sold on this southeast Pennsylvania auction yesterday by Leaman Auction: