Hot Buyer Demand on John Deere 7430 Premium Tractors

JD 7430 Premium Tractors are RED HOT.

Made by Deere from 2007 - 2011, they are now 10+ years old (“Tractor Specs” on JD 7430 Premiums: John Deere 7430 Premium Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete).

For a 6 1/2 year period, from July 2013 to January 2020, I only saw one JD 7430 Premium tractor and loader sold for $100K+ at auction, that being a 2009 model with only 150 hours and JD 741 Loader, sold for exactly $100K on a 3/21/17 farm auction in Shelby, Neb.

The past 17 months on the other hand, since January 2020, I’ve now seen (5) JD 7430 Premiums sold for $100K+ at auction, up to a high of $121,350 for a 2007 model with 1261 hours and 741 Loader from Marquette, Neb. on a 12/31/20 online auction. That 7430 Premium even had damage to the front grill. Here’s a picture of it.

Since January 2020 I’ve also seen (3) JD 7430 Premiums sold at auction from $92,500 - $97,000.


Of course pretty much the whole used Tractor market been on fire here since last Fall. Of particular buyer interest are the 10+ year old models, any color, in good condition with lower hours. Show me a tractor like that…and I’ll show you 5-10 folks that want to buy it. Now. Today. Checkbook open wide, pen at the ready.

Pre DEF, pre Tier IV of course…Huge factor.

This super strong buyer demand for tractors of this vintage has driven down used inventory levels on farm equipment dealer lots. I found only (5) JD 7430 Premiums listed for sale today in our Machinery Pete web site, couple of very sharp ones though, click here to check 'em out: John Deere 7430 Premium Tractors for Sale | Machinery Pete

Here’s some further confirming proof of how Hot JD 7430 Premium tractors have been here of late and how hard they are to find for sale out there…data from web site showing there have been 15,021 searches on “John Deere 7430 Premium” Tractors for sale the past 2 years. Note how the blue Supply line has continued to sink lower…fewer 7430 Preimums out there on dealer lots around the country.


Machinery Pete

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