2004 Bestway Field Pro III 1200 Pull Type Sprayer

How much do you think this Bestway sprayer is worth? It is on Big Iron Auctions and I was also was wondering what you might think it would bring? Thanks, Link is here. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/2004BestwayField-ProIII1200Pull-TypeSprayer

Here are pair of Bestway Field Pro III 1200’s sold on BigIron.com online auctions last year:

Good Luck on the sale!!

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Thanks for the info. I live in Homer, LA, I’m a Sophomore in High School and my Dad and I really enjoy watching your show. We have about 500 cows and we spray about 3000-4000 acres per year. I spray with a homemade 625 gallon sprayer made from a military fuel tank, with hydraulic booms we fabricated. We have been looking for a sprayer similar to the Bestway I asked about. I saw a Fast sprayer sell on your show last year that was in our price range and was very clean.