John Deere 8300 Tractor Values

Saw a very nice 1997 JD 8300 tractor sold Saturday (April 27, 2019) on a farm retirement auction in southeast Minnesota by our friends at Maring Auction Co. ( It had 6,542 hours on it and went for $56,000. Here’s a picture of it:

So how does $56K stack up value-wise on a JD 8300? Here’s a look at the average auction price on 8300’s over the past few years…notice how very steady the average sale price has been:

John Deere 8300 Tractor Values

So $56K a nice little premium paid above the Avg. Auction Price, rightly so for such a very clean one such as this. For comparison to the current Avg. Auction Price in that solid mid $40K range, the current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on JD 8300 Tractors = $54,323.

If you do the math here, the current Avg. Auction Price ($44,632) on JD 8300 Tractors is running equal to 82.2% of the current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price ($54,323). My experience of tracking both auction sale price data and dealer advertised price data for 15+ years is that anytime this “Machinery Pete” ratio > 80%…that is sure sign of a HOT SPOT in the used farm equipment market.

And of course with JD 8300 tractors being made from the mid to late 1990’s that puts them square in the 20-25 year old range at this point. And at 200 HP, compare the pure acquisition cost of a nice 20-25 year old 200 HP tractor vs a 2 year old model, or 5 year old, or 10. Quite the $$$ jump up to those later model similar HP models.

Which works to drive UP the buyer demand for and sale prices when the nice condition ones show up for sale at auction…like the sharp 1997 model with 6,542 hours on Saturday’s southeast Minnesota farm auction.

"Tractor Specs" on John Deere 8300’s:

Now perhaps your keen eye caught that $95,000 auction price listed as “High” for last year (2018). Wow, that is HIGH indeed! Highest auction sale price in 5 years on a JD 8300 in fact. It was a 1997 model 8300 with only 868 actual “1 owner” hours on it and sold on a farm auction in west-central Minnesota by my good friends from my hometown of Benson, MN, Zielsdorf Auction & Real Estate Services ( Here’s a picture of it:


Now, if you’re looking a JD 8300…here’s a link to view (34) 8300’s for sale today:

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