World's Fastest Dual Track Vehicle - Ripsaw EV3-F4

Looking for a year end equipment purchase/tax deduction and can’t get that Tractor, Combine or piece of farm equipment you were hoping for?

How about the world’s fastest dual track vehicle…the Ripsaw EV3-F4.

  • Speeds up to 60 mph
  • Designed and engineered as an extreme all-terrain vehicle
  • Up to 1,500 HP
  • Can hold up to 4 passengers

The Ripsaw EV3-F4 is made by Howe & Howe (owned by Textron Systems). Here’s link for more info/pics on the Ripsaw EV3-F4: Ripsaw® EV3-F4 | Textron Systems

You probably have heard of of our know about Howe & Howe, an innovative company founded by twins Mike and Geoff Howe from Maine. After graduating college in 1996 they started their own Rock 'n Roll band and designed and made their own mobile concert stage from a school bus. And off they went on a career of designing and building an amazing array of unique tracked vehicles. They even had their own reality show on The Discovery Channel a decade ago, “Black Ops Brothers”. Here’s a link to a very cool timeline walk through of Howe & Howe’s development: Our Story | Howe & Howe Technologies

Machinery Pete


that would be nice to have on my farm for during the winter