What's restored 1968 John Deere 3020 High Crop Worth?

Jeremy L: “Pete, what’s a restored 1968 John Deere 3020 High Crop like this worth?

My reply: Beautiful tractor Jeremy! Don’t see restored High Crop 3020’s every day. As for what it’s worth, I dove into our Machinery Pete Auction Price Data and isolated the past 5+ years, going back to the start of 2013. The highest auction price I’ve ever seen on a 3020 High Crop was just last November, on an 11/18/17 auction in Monrovia, IN by our friends at Ted Everett Farm Equipment (www.tedeverett.com), but that 3020 High Crop was a super rare (1 of only 11 built) LP model. It was actually purchased on the auction by the original owner of it from Louisiana. Here’s a picture of that $55K 3020 High Crop LP:

Here’s a look at the (6) highest auction sale prices I’ve seen the past 5 1/2 years on John Deere 3020 High Crop tractors (non LP), from $42,500 to $15,500: