John Deere 4760 Tractor Sold for Record Price Today on Indiana Auction

The old record was BLOWN away today.

I'm talking about the record high auction sale price on John Deere 4760 tractors. Coming in today, the highest sale price recorded was $76,000 for a 1994 model 4760 with 1,482 hours sold on a June 3, 2011 farm auction in Roscoe, SD.

That record is now toast.

Blown away by the $85,500 sale price paid for the 1992 John Deere 4760 pictured below with only 484 hours on it sold today (November 18, 2017) on an auction in central Indiana by my good friends at Ted Everett Farm Equipment ( 

Austin Jordan with Ted Everett Farm Equipment told me, "It was owned by a Doctor not too far from us. He never used any of the equipment much as you can tell."

As in some never at the never used New Holland 355 grinder/mixer pictured below that sold for $23,500!

Yep, another new record high auction sale price here at $23,500. The previous high auction price I'd seen on a New Holland 355 grinder/mixer was $15,000 on a February 9, 2008 consignment auction in Dyersville, IA.

One last eye popper on today's sale in Monrovia, IN was the John Deere 3020 LP High Crop pictured below, the last of only 11 made, that sold for a whopping $55,000 and was purchased the original owner who bought it new in Louisiana.

Almost another new record high auction sale price there at $55,000 on the 3020. It clocks in as the 2nd highest auction price ever, behind only the 1972 3020 4WD diesel with roll guard sold for $60,000 on the famous June 28, 2014 collector auction in southwest Iowa by Polk Auction.  


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