What's My 2012 Thunder Creek 750 Gal. Fuel Trailer Worth?

Tim H. via Twitter: “I am getting a new Combine, this one needs DEF. so I need to upgrade my fuel trailer. So what is my 2012, Thunder Creek - 750 gal. Trailer worth? It is very great shape. Low mileage and always keep in side. Thanks Pete!!”

Here is a picture of the fuel trailer Tim sent from his owner’s manual:

Pete’s Reply: The short answer to your question Tim would be that the Avg. Auction Price on the last (13) 750 Gal. Thunder Creek fuel trailers sold going back to the start of 2017 = $12,258. Good starting point there with the current average hard cash sale price, but as you mentioned, your Thunder Creek 750 Gal. fuel trailer is a 2012 model, low miles, always stored inside, in great shape. So we need to zero in to find out what closer matches to yours have sold for recently. Here’s a look at all the Thunder Creek fuel trailers we’ve seen sold at auction going back to the start of 2017:

Auction Prices on Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers

So you can see here the very nicest 750 Gal. Thunder Creek fuel trailers have been selling well above our current Avg. Auction Price of $12,258, with prices in the high $$ teens from $17,500 to $18,750, all the way up to $22,500 for a 2012 model on a March 14, 2018 consignment auction in Hamilton, IL, a sale by Sullivan Auctioneers (www.sullivanauctioneers.com).

On the retail side of things, here’s a link showing (18) Thunder Creek 750 Gal. fuel trailers for sale today, click to view: https://www.machinerypete.com/listings/trucks-and-trailers/fuel-trailers/thunder-creek?custom_search=750&limit=72&manual_sort=&old_location_str=&price%5Bmax%5D=&price%5Bmin%5D=&sort_term=listing_price_high_to_low&year%5Bmax%5D=&year%5Bmin%5D=&zip_code=&zip_miles=100000

Hope this info is helpful Tim!