What's JD 2550 Tractor w/ 6500 Hours Worth?

Facebook follower Charlie H. reached out with a question…“Pete, what do you think my John Deere 2550 with around 6,500 hours is worth?”

Charlie looking to sell.

Here’s a pic of Charlie’s open station John Deere 2550 2WD tractor. Sharp:

As for value, I shared with Charlie a look at what the nicest John Deere 2550 Tractors have sold for at auctions around North America the past 4 years. Here’s the Top 10;

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 2550 Tractors Past 4 Years

Note that many of these top selling 2550’s sold at auction with Loaders. Charlie told me he is asking $12,000 for his John Deere 2550 open station with approx. 6,500 hours. Right in the ballpark I think for nice one like this.

Here’s a pic of the 1983 John Deere 2550 with 146 Loader from Oklahoma that sold for $17,600 on a www.purplewave.com online auction on June 29, 2016:

Here’s pic of John Deere 2550 with cab and 8,586 hours that sold for $12,000 on March 2016 farm auction in Nyssa, OR:

Here’s link to (6) John Deere 2550’s for sale today, asking prices ranging from $15,500 up to $20,500. Click here to view: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/40-99-hp/john-deere/2550