What's Super Nice John Deere 2555 Tractor Worth?

This Ask Pete question via Facebook from Justin B…no, not THAT Justin B.!

“Pete, What would you say an immaculate John Deere 2555 with a cab and 245 loader is worth with 2,700 hours? I have actually been looking for a mint 2355 and stumbled on this 2555 that’s listed for an upcoming auction in PA. Thank you for your time.”

My reply: Here’s look at 5 highest auction sale prices on John Deere 2555 Tractors the past couple years Justin. Note in the SPECS whether had Loader Y/N. Hope this data is helpful. Good luck on your 2555 in PA!

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 2555 Tractors Last 2 Years

Here’s a picture of the highest seller, the John Deere 2555 with 3,800 hours and 245 loader sold for $27,000 on 4/22/17 auction in south-central West Virginia: