What's IHC 966 MFWD Tractor Worth?

Just got this question on Twitter:

@MachineryPete I’m looking at a International 966 MFWD. What is a tractor like that worth?” - Robert Breckner. Here’s a pic of the 966 MFWD Robert is looking at:

Obviously a rare bird here. I dug into our Machinery Auction Price Data and did find (2) IHC 966 MFWD tractors sold. Each sold for exactly $10,000. First was the IHC 966 MFWD sold on 8/31/06 farm sale in Reading, MI, next was an IHC 966 MFWD sold on 3/24/12 collector consignment auction by Polk Auction in New Paris, IN.

So that was 6 years ago. My sense is, and this is DEFINITELY backed up by our Auction Price Data, that the value on any type of “rare” tractor model from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s has gone UP in the past few years.

So I’d say north of $10K is what this 966 MFWD is worth Robert. How far north depends a bit on how it is available for sale, how widely (or not) it is advertised and who is selling it. Also it’s history is very important piece of the equation Hope this info is helpful!


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That tractor would look nice restored

But it looks a little to high in the front :rofl:

@machinerypete how much do older high crops sell for