What do you think is the biggest technological advancement in today's tractors and combines beyond the GPS Systems?

Curious to see your thoughts. I feel like you could write a book on all the new software and options that you can get on this new equipment.

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Biggest tech development I’ve got my eye on is Deere’s latest purchase of Blue River, Silicon Valley tech company started by Stanford grads. San Francisco Chronicle newspaper just ran a story on the new coming tech on Saturday (Sept. 30, 2017). An excerpt:

"Blue River was formed seven years ago by Stanford University graduate students Jorge Heraud and Lee Redden. It has developed machinery, currently pulled by tractor through a field, that uses high-definition cameras to scan each plant, determine what kind it is and whether it is healthy. The system can also detect weeds._

There, the machinery could potentially determine whether a plant needs a spray of pesticide, herbicide or water, saving farmers from over-spraying, with its environmental and economic consequences."

Potential cost $$ savings here obviously could be huge. Here’s link to the complete story: http://www.startribune.com/john-deere-takes-on-silicon-valley/448698173/