1983 JD 8820 Combine - Never Been to Field - Sold Today Record Auction Price

Folks all over the world wondered how high it would go.

This morning we found out....the 1983 John Deere 8820 combine with 15.5 actual engine hours on it, never been to the field, only driven home from the dealership, always shedded, sold on the Zych online farm estate auction in Beardsley, MN....



Obviously a record high sale price there, by a MILE. Last 20 years the highest auction sale price I've seen on a John Deere 8820 model combine (not the newer Titan II 8820's made from 1985-1988) sold without a head was $25,500, all the way back on a 7/11/00 auction in Hamilton, MI.

This online farm estate auction by The Steffes Group (http://www.steffesgroup.com) featured a 2nd absolutely amazing older combine...the 1990 John Deere 9600 with only 311 engine hours pictured below:

It sold for $68,000. That is the highest auction sale price I've seen on a John Deere 9600 sold without a head since a 2/11/10 farm auction I covered in Sedgwick, KS where a 1997 model 9600, 1 owner, super sharp, sold for $79,000.

A pair of like new 1982 John Deere 214 7-belt pickup heads sold on the auction today. One had NEVER BEEN USED! It sold for $7,600. The other went for $6,100. Coming into the sale today the highest auction sale price I'd seen on a John Deere 214 head the past 20 years was $5,200, 17 years ago on a 7/1/02 auction in West Fargo, ND. Here's a picture of the never used 1982 model 214 head sold for $7,600:


A couple amazing tractors on the Zych online farm estate auction today as well. The 1988 John Deere 4450 2WD, quad range, with 1,462 hours pictured below....sold for $48,500. That = 4th highest auction price ever on 4450 2WD sold without a loader. Highest auction price: $52,000 on a 7/26/14 farm auction in Cresco, IA (1983 model 2WD with 3,746 hours).


Here's a sale price report from the Zych farm estate online auction today in Beardsley, MN (6/18/19)

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com