The 1st Skid Steer Loader

Dad always taught me..."Keep your head on a swivel."

You never know what you may see, what you may learn, who you might run into and what you might learn from them. My head was on a swivel this afternoon as I stepped into a sandwich shop for lunch in Glenwood, MN, near my hometown of Benson, MN. Always wanting something to read with lunch, I grabbed the local newspaper/flyer sitting by the counter. Turns out it was the August 2017 Edition of "Sr. Perspective" paper. The story on the front page grabbed my attention:

"Inventing the Bobcat - Fergus Falls man and his brother invented the popular machine"

I didn't care as much about my sandwich at this point.

Fascinating tale from 1958 of two brothers Cyril "Cy" Keller and his younger brother Louis. They worked together in a blacksmith shop in Rothsay, MN. Their heads were definitely on a swivel, paying attention, one day when a local turkey farmer Eddie Velo came into their shop complaining about the problem he was having of cleaning his turkey barns.

That's when and where the idea for the 1st skid steer was born...out of necessity. Here's a pic of what the Keller brothers created, the 1st Bobcat skid steer loader:


Click on this link to read the whole story of the Keller brothers, fascinating stuff:

If you are looking for a good used Bobcat skid steer today, here's a link to (549) Bobcats for sale today, click to view:



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sweet for the time it would have been a step up from something

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The articles in that paper are usually interesting, the Ads in the back are usually interesting as well, there’s a IH 1086 western interior with something like 3xxx hours on it for sale in there (no price)

Superbly expressed the tale shared in the article. Keep it up and grow more to mount the success.