Illinois Farmer Turns John Deere 643 Corn Head into Snow Pusher

Farmer ingenuity.

As I’ve traveled the country over the decades I’ve run into tons of super cool farmer equipment related inventions. Last Thursday night at a pre-auction steak dinner in Mount Sterling, IL I ran back into one of my all time favorites.

“The Curtis”

Jon Boylen of Mount Sterling, IL picked up the story. “It was my brother Curt’s idea. Once we stripped it (JD 643 corn head) down for the gear boxes and were left with just the main frame he decided to use it as a Snow Pusher. We put it on the front of our John Deere loader bucket and it just works great. Phenomenal.

The Curtis been pushing snow very effectively now since 2018. Thanks again to Jon Boylen for bringing “The Curtis” to my attention at last Thursday night’s dinner.

Farmer Ingenuity Rocks :slight_smile:

For those inspired out there in readerland…here’s link to (114) JD 643 corn heads for sale: Used John Deere 643 for Sale - 114 Listings | Machinery Pete

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